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Calcium Base Saturation needs to be over 60 for optimum results.

Is your Calcium Base Saturation less than 55? Ring us today to boost it. If it is 55 to 75 ring us to keep it there.

“Simply the Best” fine particle lime in slurry form, (15% water) which removes acid from the soil, thereby increasing pH and base saturation (available) calcium and improving the calcium content. “You’ll love the results!” Approx $90 to $150 /ha on-ground depending on distance from Te Kuiti.

Technical Data from the Manufacturer
Approximately 375 kg/ha of fine lime (available calcium carbonate). Around 40% available calcium. We estimate that at 90% calcium carbonate (Lime Slurry is between 90 and 95% calcium carbonate) there would be 36% of 350 kg = 105 kg of calcium available to the plant. Because of the small particle size (98% is less than 15 mm with a large proportion being 5 to 90 microns) it is sprayable and has a much larger circumference area than bulk lime. Tisdale and Nelson’s report states particle size of .25mm was regarded as 100% effective. Lime Slurry benefits: Helps release and make available important elements. Reduces toxic elements. Encourages worm and microbial activity , Improves palatability of pasture Helps root development, soil structure & aeration.

MARINE NPKS Fish & Kelp Fertiliser $900 / 200 ltrs
“The Best of Both Worlds” Combines the nutritional benefits of natural deep sea fish with a base of thick rich Ascophylium Nodosum kelp. Nutrition, animal health, traces & minerals, energy / carbohydrates, protein. Feeds biology, releases locked up nutrients, improves taste & brix. Natural minerals & traces for crops and pasture. Helps inhibit a wide range of plant fungi/pathogens and release nutrients locked up in the soil. An excellent biological fertiliser product. Raises Brix levels, taste and nutrition factors. Marine contains 3 Nitrogens - ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and organic nitrogen. Add to Lime Slurry for a top performance combination—CALCIUM + CARBON + ENERGY + TRACES

Seaweed & fish liquid energy fertiliser. An organic product with all the benefits of both fish and seaweed. Energy, carbohydrates, nutrients and better animal health. Helps inhibit a wide range of plant fungi/pathogens and release nutrients locked up in the soil. An excellent biological fertiliser product. Raises Brix levels, taste and nutrition factors.

Kelp fluid fertiliser with a base of thick rich Ascophylium Nodosum kelp. Clover Gro is Agrifert’s premium kelp product with an ideal balance of nutrients which promotes clover growth in a grass dominated spring pasture. Contains a high amount of safe chloride-free potash.

23% N + Sulphur, Phosphate, Potassium and 17% base of rich Ascophylium Nodosum kelp. Minerals, amino acids, betains, cytokinins, & other growth promotants. Indispensable in spring. Contains 3 Nitrogens for quick acting, long lasting nitrogen / clover boost & high nutrition pasture.

Soil Conditioner & Biological Stimulant $750 / 200 ltrs Contains Fulvic, Humic & Ulmic acids. High CEC. Humates feed the soil microbes which release N, phosphates & other traces. Humates are the carbon which hold nutrients in the soil and move them into the soil solution where the plant can utilise them. Good for aeration, soil structure, friability, water holding capacity, germination, growth, roots, permeability for uptake, photosynthesis. Contains Fe,Mg,B,Mn,Co,Zn, Mo,Cu,Na,Se and soluble silicon to strengthen cell walls, block disease invasion at the cellular level. Maintains more uniform cell temperature to increase drought & frost tolerance. Fulvic gives plants strength to withstand stresses caused by pests. The Potassium is extremely low, resulting in a very pure product. Humates improve aeration and moisture holding capacity, make fertiliser more stable in the soil by binding to the carbon, help to eliminate leaching and lockup, increase calcium uptake, control loss of humus through ammonia and nitrification of nitrogen, and when 6-8% used together with dissolved nitrogen (Urea) eliminate damage to microbiology in the soil humus. The nitrifying bacteria then use the humus in the humates as their food source rather than the soil humus. Humates help chelate and release minerals already in the soil but locked up. They help create a balance.

50% Australian coral, 50% NZ fine lime. Small particle fine lime in suspension. Easy to use. Soft on pumps. Available calcium for pasture. Quick acting, immediately available, helps lift pH and base saturation calcium, boosts clover growth, encourages worm activity, releases locked up nutrients, gives denser, pasture. Benefits stock health and seed germination. Natural traces. Lime is measured by its ability to neutralise - in this case the soil. There is conclusive evidence to prove that fine lime will neutralise much quicker, much more efficiently and more effectively, with lesser amounts or product, than larger particle bulk lime. We are talking about less than 90 microns, as these have greater particle surface area than the same amount of lime in larger particles. The smaller the particle size, the less lime you require for the same effect. It follows then that fine lime gives the highest neutralising effect per dollar spent.

Seaweed concentrate drench or soil conditioner. This amazing seaweed product has been helping reduce and prevent facial ezcema and ryegrass staggers in sheep, cattle and alpacas etc. Together with liquid lime, which is also proving very beneficial - the combination is a worthwhile investment in your stock's health. If facial ezcema and/or ryegrass staggers are a problem on your farm talk to us. Great for revitalising soils with depleted mineral / carbon levels. Drench into sheep & cattle for facial eczema. Marvellous for prevention and treatment.

Opti-Gro Organic BioGro Reg 5139.
BLACK GOLD Multi Minerals—A balanced nutritional supplement for livestock. Drench orally or add to water trough or hay. Seaweed molasses base with a full range of minerals and high levels of vitamins + trace elements, electrolytes, protein, carbohydrates, amino acids & vitamins.

Plant available Lime, NPK, Minerals, Soil Conditioner, Boosts clover, worms, improves taste & horse health. Released locked up nutrients.

An amazing supplement to boost calf development. Massey University developed, Ag Research trialled and proven, t ensures young calves get the best start within the first few weeks. Helps late calves catch up with the early ones, then grow better and out-product them as heifers. Contains Omega 3,6,9, Electrolytes, Multivitamins, Biotin, Antioxidants.

Massey University formulated, similar to Calf Boost with enhanced Magnesium & Calcium. Improves a cow’s gut health to utilise food better. Ag Research trials show increased milk production & higher conception rates. Great for downer stock, cows under stress from weaning, feed changes, weather conditions etc. Excellent for preparing for sale in top condition.


– pH 5.1

Plant available, concentrated solid fertiliser. 

10, Lime (Calcium) 26, Sulphur 5 (approximate)

A large benefit of Multifert is that it supplies phosphate at twice the availability of traditional Superphosphate,
and runs at between 5.3 and 5.8 pH compared to Superphosphate which usually
measures around 1.8 pH.  Multifert
has much less acid and so is much kinder on the biology.  It is concentrated so less product, less
cartage, less spreading cost, more benefits. 
Citric soluble so doesn’t leach as easily.

Multifert products fall between SSP, RPR and DCP.  The manufacturing process acidulates the RPR
making the P in RPR more available.  It
also reduces the acid in SSP – thereby making a Phosphate fertiliser that has
Mono, Tri and Di Calcium phosphates - some water soluble, some citric soluble
and some long term P in the form of slow reacting RPR.

Example of applied rates for base products:  SSP (9%P) applied at 333 kg/ha = 30 kg P/Ha

Multifert (9.94%P) applied at 151 kg/ha = 15kg P/ha which is nearly all available!

Supephosphate (SSP) needs to
be applied at approx. 333 kg/ha (30 kg P/ha) to get the same available P that
Multifert products are able to release.

Mineralisation /
mobilisation – perhaps the most important part of the nutrient cycle – the
process where an applied nutrient, say phosphate or potash, is changed into a
form/enzyme that the plant is able to absorb through the root hair.  It occurs were animal life mites, insects,
worms, fungi, bacteria, microbes (perhaps the most important) all work together
to change the applied mineral into this plant available “enzyme”.  If this process is interrupted by applying
acid based fertiliser (including bulk Urea) and agriculture chemicals ten the
efficiency of mineralisation / mobilisation is markedly reduced.


  • HUMATES BioGro 4769 Liquid humic and fulvic acid in 20 ltr or 200 ltrs. Help boost soil and stock health and plant nutrition.Builds carbon, stimulates fungi, helps desease, pest and frost management. Long life nitrogen. Hormonal stimulation. Saline management. Improves micro nutrient availability.
  • FULVIC-N - for PASTURE For PASTURE. An effective combination of liquid Nitrogen, Humic and Fulvic. Grow amazing pasture with 10-25 ltrs/ha Liquid N + Humic and 10-20 ltrs/ha carbohydrate fertiliser (eg Nitrosol or Marine) SPRING - Amazing for spring growth & nutrition in that vital period between calving & mating. Use with a carbohydrate such as Marine for energy.
  • AUTUMN - This will ensure a full spectrum of nutrients to the plant and will help make your pasture weather the winter frosts, and so perform quicker and better into the spring, and promote pasture into August and September. This will help feed the fungi through the winter, and when the bacteria wake up they will have the fungi to munch on.
  • FULVIC-N - for ORCHARDS It contains minimal Humic so it won’t stain fruit in orchards. Put your orchard to sleep for winter with 10-25 ltrs/ha Liquid N + Fulvic and 0-20 ltrs/ha carbohydrate fertiliser (eg Nitrosol) on the ground. This will help feed the fungi through the winter, and when the bacteria wake up they will have the fungi to munch on. Also, by putting a carbohydrate (eg Nitrosol) and humates on the ground you help prevent Armillaria problems and energise the vine when it wakes up. In spring wake your orchard up with 20 ltrs/ha Fulvic-N and 10-20 ltrs carbohydrate fertiliser. Fulvic acid is nature's own chelator, speeding up the active intake process and ensuring optimum nitrogen transfer.

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