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MURPHY the Spray Truck

You may meet ‘Murphy’, the small spray truck that Growth Express staff use to apply the fertiliser and fine lime. Murphy has a light imprint on your farm. With a wide boom and a 20 metre long ¾ inch hose Murphy is idea for spraying, on level ground and easy contour, or hosing some steep sidings or other difficult areas to get to. You can supply the products or use Growth Express products, as long as they will go through the pump. But no insecticides or fungicides.

All our product are natural so will not harm animals. Stock can be left in the paddock during spraying, or moved out if you prefer. Eating the grass immediately will not harm them, but they may not like the taste of it for a couple of days. Then they will love it as the pasture will sweeten.

Maize: Murphy straddles most maize crop plantings for the initial dressing.

Please don't hesitate contacting Colin & June at Growth Express now to request further information.


You can hire a Spray Trailer which is custom built to take fine lime and fertiliser, and ‘do-it-yourself’ if you would like to save money.
These trailers have a wide boom for pasture, a 20 or 30 metre hose for difficult access areas, and adjustable height & direction jets for orchards.
You tow it behind your own tractor or 4 wheel drive vehicle. A quad bike will pull the smaller size trailer on the flat.

Our Hire Trailers are suitable for pasture farms. Horticulture, citrus, crops etc.
We can hire you a trailer to straddle most maize plantings for the initial dressings.

You can use the hose for spraying fine lime under avocados or kiwifruit, fertiliser and lime on steep pasture faces or difficult areas.


Lime Slurry is quoted On-Ground.
It comes in ex-Fonterra tankers and trailers, (20 ha per tanker or 40 ha per tanker and trailer), and is sprayed by customised spray trucks.
Experienced operators take care of your property whilst ensuring comprehensive coverage. Lime Slurry is only 15% carrier, so is too thick to be sprayed by conventional sprayers.


Helicopter spraying is an excellent way of spreading fine lime and fertiliser onto large or steep sheep and cattle stations. The price becomes more competitive as the total area increases. You can organise a group of farms in fairly close proximity to each other to minimise costs. It is very precise, quick and cost effective for large holdings. There are a number of helicopter operators we can book you job with, or you may know a local operator whom you would like to use.

Growth Express can organise your Helicopter spraying for you.

To find out more about suitable products for each type of spraying, and the benefits of using natural sprayable products, call Colin and June at Growth Express today on 021 337 016 or 07 5757 305.
Alternatively email your enquiry to,
OR USE YOUR OWN SPRAY EQUIPMENT and save more money.

Talk to us about suitable products to put through your spraying equipment.

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