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Natural biological sprayable lime and fertiliser products from Growth Express are helping horticulturists, orchardists, viticulturists and gardeners to multiply and feed their worms and microbiology, giving energy to uplift nutrients, calcium etc locked up in the soil, and providing highly plant available product into the leaf and soil right now. Plants, trees and vines are producing better crops, better tasting fruit, better shape and size. Brix levels can be raised. Stress resistance can be improved.

A growing number of kiwifruit, avocado, citrus, vegetable and grape growers are using Growth Express advice and products and are delighted with the results.

Crops can be greatly enhanced with a mix of natural products.
Lime & fertiliser sprayed under avocado trees is helping to develop better trees and fruit. Corn has been proved to have more rows of kernels using a combination of our products. Award winning wines have been produced. Kiwifruit has moved into the more lucrative Y category. Brassicas, root vegetables, fruit, and citrus have greatly improved.

The world is demanding less chemicals and more nutrition in our food chain. The time for chemicals is limited. You can start now to improve the food value of your product, and each year you enhance the biology rather than knock it you can expect better and better results. Think about a biological programme for this year and next.
See our "Products" page for Growth Express Ltd extensive range of products which include fish fertilisers, seaweed, blood & bone, soil conditioners, humates, rooting products, trace element products.

Choose your best option:
  1. Hire one of our Spray Trailers suitable for; lime, fertiliser and humates, with fully adjustable height and angle jets plus hose.
  2. Have Growth Express spray your avos or citrus for you, provided the small spray truck can fit between the rows.

    Consultation, soil testing, supply and application available for the best results for you.
Talk to us and get nature working for you!

Registered BioGro & Asure Quality products available.

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