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Biological Agriculture Specialists


• Alpacas
• Calves
• Cattle
• Crops, Hay & New Grass
• Dairy (for more Dairy farm info )
• Deer
• Dry Stock
• Goats
• Horses
• Lifestyle Blocks
• Pasture / Grazing
• Sheep

Available Calcium + Energy - the most important things for SAVING YOU MONEY.

This activates the biology which in turn processes nutrients locked up in the soil and makes them available to the plant.

Is your Base Saturation Calcium level 60+ ? If not you are not getting the most from whatever fertiliser you use. Talk to us.

Natural biological sprayable lime and fertiliser products, soil conditioners and humates from Growth Express are helping farmers to multiply and feed their worms and microbiology, giving energy to uplift nutrients, phosphate, calcium etc locked up in the soil, and providing highly plant available product into the leaf and soil right now. Hillsides and flats are producing more nutritious pasture and more hay. Combine with rooting enhancers for amazing results with new grass and crops. Non-BioGro farms can add Ό of the normal
Urea dissolved for the same boost but only a very small fraction of the
damage to the microbiology as about 70% goes directly into the plant.
Trace elements are spread evenly EVERYWHERE.

A growing number of dairy farms, horse breeders and trainers, deer farms, alpaca farms, sheep & cattle farms and lifestyle blocks are using Growth Express advice and products with great success.

New Grass and existing pasture, Maize and other crops can be greatly enhanced with a mix of natural products. Maize has been proved to have more rows of kernels, hay paddocks are yielding more bales as grass thickens. New grass roots deeper so withstands stress and drought better.

Facial eczema in alpacas is being controlled with liquid lime.

The effect on the worms and microbiology is cumulative. The more you knock them back with chemical fertilisers the harder it is to get them going. The more you feed them with natural products and don’t knock them with chemicals the more they can multiply and work for you. So each time you apply natural fertilisers you get a better and better result.

Services include application with a small, light weight truck, or clients can hire one of our custom built spray trailers which handle liquid lime and have a “fire” hose for steep faces, under trees or difficult access areas.

Consultation, soil testing, supply and application available for the best results for your farm.
Oh, and don't forget to ask about the physical things that can help too!

Talk to us and get nature working for you!

Registered BioGro & Asure Quality products available.

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