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Biological Agriculture Specialists

This1 is the story of how an Irishman and his New Zealand wife are on a journey to help their clients with natural biological fertiliser and fine suspension lime sprays.

Colin and June Webb are the proud owners of Growth Express Ltd and are in business since 2004. They are both very passionate and intelligent people and have a strong desire to see New Zealand's agricultural practice become more sustainable and profitable.

"The world is demanding less chemicals and more nutrition in our food chain." June says. To meet this expectation Growth Express Ltd sell natural fertiliser, lime and farm products which enhance and nurture soil, microbiology, plants and animals all the way through the food chain to people.

Before founding Growth Express Ltd, Colin had 40 years experience as a dairy farmer and poultry farmer plus about 5 years in the fertiliser advice and sales industry. He is well versed in the industry to know what farmers, horticulturists and other growers need from a fertiliser. He has studied intensively the effects of natural liquid and suspension fertilisers and fine lime and the benefits that accrue from using them in terms of health and nutrition, quantity and quality of production and financial gains.

To put it simply, Colin mentions, these are what you can expect from using their products:
More profit and nutrition,
Decreased cost and production problems,
Minimum or no toxicity and leaching, and
Better utilisation and availability of resources you have already paid for.
And the more you use these natural sprayed products the more the benefits increase - It is exponential!.

Growth Express are the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel & Hauraki agents for the Nitrosol range of products, and also hold agencies for a range of other natural, BioGro and AsureQuality products and services.

Based in the sunny Bay of Plenty they cater for clients in:
Bay of Plenty,
Morrinsville, and
Rodney areas

However if need by will travel further afield to assist people.

Growth Express have a strong interest in soil technology as taught by leading soil scientists such as Dr Arden Anderson, and work with farmers who want to increase their production.

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